Do you want to fully embrace the road of Muay Thai and get the maximum out of your fighting and training experience?

Muay Thai a life changing experience

The road of a true Nak Muay, Muay Thai warrior, not only exists of learning how to throw a couple of kicks and punches. This thousands of years old art needs to be studied, respected and understood from all aspects. You need this to take full advantage of this noble art and so not just become an all-round fighter, but an awesome person as well.

This is your lucky day! All this information you can find right here and I promise it will help you reach your goals and achieve:

  • Triple your confidence
  • Double your striking speed and strength
  • Receive 15+ advices from experienced fighters and trainers, that will guarantee the upper hand in your next fight
  • Find out the secret of becoming a true Nak Muay
  • Win upon win

In this easy to understand and practical eBook, with the forword written by Sean Fagan (Muay Thai Guy), I’m going to walk you through all the different aspects of Muay Thai you need to become a true Nak Muay. Each chapter will contain information about techniques, equipment, moral values, culture and nutrition. The information provided in Muay Thai, a life changing experience I have learned over time from my trainers, whom have spent more than 20 years of training and fighting in Thailand. From interviews and courses with 25+ world champions and from teaching hundreds of students to help them become true champions!

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What other fighters and trainers say about Muay Thai, a life changing experience!

Great book for helping to get to know and understand Muay Thai, from the practitioner to the person who never heard about this sport. I especially like it, because the context is explained in an easy to understand and simple fashion. The book, besides teaching the technical and physical part, also talks about some very important moral values, which in my opinion is a very important part of this sport, and will guide you on the right path of your life!

abraham roqueni

Abraham Roqueñi

Professional fighter and owner/trainer of Roqueñi Team, Torrelavega, Spain

Great initiative, to gather the knowledge gained from many champions who have fought all over the world, to learn about their findings, understand their experiences, and translate it into understandable words, so a novice fighter can take advantage of these experiences, use them and get the motivation to start themselves on this beautiful form of sport. It deserves a lot of respect, to want to pass the message of all these champions, so that others can use these findings in their pursuit of the sport. So my advice is to read Klaas’ instructions, which are easy to understand, and start with it!!!

Rob van Esdonk

Rob van Esdonk

Former heavy weight Muay Thai champion of the world, Den Bosch, the Netherlands

This is the book that was needed for a long time in Muay Thai, a practical guide where there is simply no secrets just expertise and experience of a Muay Thai enthusiast as Klaas. I as a professional fighter, can only recommend purchasing and reading this book, to any contact sports fan, from amateurs to experts who can find in this book, another perspective of our beloved sport.

Frank Munoz

Frank Muñoz

Professional fighter, Mousid Gym, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Good initiative by Klaas of Muay Thai Pro, good book for beginners and those who want to know and learn about the art of Muay Thai, it´s history, origins, etc.
From the perspective of a lover of this art as is Klaas 100×100 Muay Thai One Love.

Joni Gonzalez

Jonathan González

Trainer and owner Team Furio Jol, Vilanova del Cami, Spain

I recommend buying the book. It contains everything from the equipment needed to start, going through all the techniques and spiritual part of Muay Thai.
Highly recommended for beginners who want to understand more about this art.

Carlos Coello

Carlos Coello

North Thailand Champion (Muay Siam Pak Neua) and WBC Muaythai International Featherweight Champion, 7 Muay Thai Gym, Rayong, Thailand

For a first contact of someone who begins to learn or wants to enter the world of muay thai, it is fun, basic, easy to read and quite schematic. You will feel like a kid who starts reading the book, it makes him eager to want to do more research on the subject. Without having to endure unbearably boring books.

Oxkar Gudina

Oxkar Gudiña

Trainer and owner of Arganda Box, Madrid, Spain


Muay Thai, a life changing experience helps you easily understand all Muay Thai aspects you should know if you are serious about the path of Muay Thai, the path to an amazing Nak Muay, including:


Get an understanding of which materials to buy, taking into account quality and expenses. It´s nice to look stunning in your new flashy outfit, but are you sure it protects you right? Learn what to look for.

Essential techniques

Every professional will tell you the same, the essential techniques have to be practiced on a daily basis. But what are the essential techniques? I will share this with you and even teach you what they are called in Thai.

Moral values

Find out which moral values will help you improve your training, your fights and the way you walk through life by tenfold.

Advice from professional fighters

Learn trade secrets from world champions, which will make sure you continue training and fighting hard, even when times get though. Spoiler alert: Times will get tough to a point that you want to quit! If you want to become a champion, you need to train hard and smart every single day.

Klaas van Oosterhout

About the Author: Klaas van Oosterhout

I was born in Holland (the Netherlands) where I played football all my youth. It wasn’t until I went to live in Spain 10 years ago that I discovered Muay Thai. I instantly fell in love with the sport.

Besides practicing myself, my mission is to help and support others on their way to learn (more about) Muay Thai. Therefor I founded Muay Thai Pro, which now is the biggest website in Spanish about Muay Thai, packed with information, training programs and (e)books.

Muay Thai has given me so much on my path, knowledge about myself, friendships, better understanding of different cultures and countries and much more. It is my wish that this book can help you improve your life by practicing Muay Thai.

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Checklist "Only 4 weeks to your next fight"

Muay Thai a life changing experience

Arrive at the ring with 100% confidence, energy, motivation and only 5% nervousness.
The 3 most important aspects that will guarantee you win your next Muay Thai fight are:

  • Domination of the techniques
  • Physical fitness
  • Mental strength

In the last 4 weeks, there is not much you can do towards improving your technique or physical fitness, you should have done this months/years before. This checklist makes sure you will feel strong, positive, full of energy and mentally ready to take on the champions you look up to, like for example Buakaw or Saenchai.

Bonus #2

Essential Muay Thai physical fitness tests

Muay Thai a life changing experience

You want to become an awesome Nak Muay? The best fighter you can be? Then it is without saying you need to know what your current physical level is.

  • To know if your training is actually helping you improve your physical fitness
  • Where are your weaknesses and do you need to focus on more

These tests have helped amateur and professional fighters get the overview they needed to improve the effectiveness of their training by 100%.

Muay Thai a life changing experience

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